Different Virtual Instruments on Separate Outputs?

I apologize if I don’t ask this question well, but I struggle with terminology when it comes to input/output topics. I will explain what I have and what I want to do and hopefully that will help.

I play keys for my church, using the latest version of Gig Performer on a MacBook Pro (latest before M1 chip). I play a Nektar Panorama 61 and my Mac goes out through a Scarlett 2i2 (3rd gen). There are two audio cables that are plugged into the outputs that connect to separate direct boxes and then go to their sound system.

What they are wanting to do is be able to control (from their mixing board), my organ sounds and pad sounds separately.

So, the question is, how do I setup output within Gig Performer so that organs and pads are handled separately like that. I would assume separate outputs, but knowing if there are any specifics would be nice.

And maybe this is not a concern, but since the outputs on the 2i2 are listed as L&R, does that mean, for example, that organ sounds would only be on the left side of the church and pads on the right. (I know this may sound stupid, but I really don’t know).

How looks your audio settings in Gig Performer

If you only have a two output channels in your audio interface, you obviously can’t have two sets of stereo outputs but you could use mono and feed your organ to one side and your pads to the other.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend a few dollars, you could upgrade to a MOTU M4 which will give you two stereo pairs.

All righty. I was wondering about that. Will have to consider.

I’ll have to get my “rig” setup and take some screenshots. I use a different audio interface at home. Steinberg UR24C. When I tried using it at the church, I ran into issues for some reason. So, I already had the 2i2 as a backup.
Once I get it setup, I will reply. Doing some updates right now, so it will be a little bit.

OK, you only have 2 outputs
2 possibilities: Just use MONO
You use a different audio interface which provides more output channels

So, do I simply route some things (pads and such) out of Channel 1 (Output 1) and the other ones (organ) out of Channel 2 (Output 2) in the Wiring section?

Yes, exactly

Awesome. Last question. Is output 1 (L)eft or (R)ight on my Scarlett?

As i do not have it, I cannot answer.
But I think 1 = L, 2 = R

All righty. Thanks, man. I guess I can just test it. Thanks for your quick responses. I REALLY appreciate it!!

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Yep, L=1 and R=2.

Does it matter? Just reverse the cables if necessary!

I figured it out. Thanks!