Different audio cabling in different environment

Hello specialists,

I have a little issue.
Usually I have GP conected to my Behringer XR18 digital mixer with the 16 (18)
At home I have just a small Audio Interface with 2 I/O’s.
If I now start GP at my home installation it ask me if it should “simmulate” the wirering
of the 16 I/O’s.
In any case (yes or no), I have troubles after I restart GP with my XR18 connected.
All wires in each Rackspace into the GP outputs are gone and I have to reconect.
(which is a hell of work…)
How can I avoid this “de-conecting” which seem to come from starting GP in other environments?
I hope it is understandable what I have written…
Thanks in advance!

When you build your gig with the XR18 and save the gig and reopen it with a different Audio interface where you do not have the same number of outputs you should be asked, if virtual channels should be used and if all is routed to the pyhsical available outputs.
Now when you save the gig and reopen it with the XR18 all should be fine:
But you have to enable all outputs of the XR18 you need before opending the gig
Maybe because you used a previous interface this outputs are not activated.

I do that all the time with my RME UFX II and I do not face the issue you describe.

it is like this, I called it “simulate”, I missed the word “virtual”.
But even if I do not want to have GP doing the virtual channels; after
connecting it with my XR18 again all connections are gone.
I had it three times now and I am 100% sure about.

This is a must, when you open a gig which uses all outputs of the XR18 and you open it with an interface that does not have the same number of outputs and you do not use the virtual channels and you do not allow to route to the ohysical available and then you save the gig => you are lost.

so you mean I have to allow the virtual channels, then I do not have this issue
after reconection to the XR18 again?


You got it.

I think you should be able to use that gig file with your XR18 again, as long as you’re sure to exit WITHOUT saving the gig file, when “virtual” connections are in use. In other words, DON’T save the gig file while using the small 2 I/O interface.

You can save with virtual channels in use,

that should work, but usually I open it at home if I have to do some little changes.
I will check if it will work with the virtual channels;
I have in mind that I had the same issue when I use this, but I will try again and report.

@PianoPaul was righ,
when I open it at home it asks me to do the vitual channels an it is as well clearly explained that it will not change the output connections…

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I have to bring it up again.
If I open the virtual channels (at home), make some changes in different Rachspaces and save the changes, will it later on, when I am back in my practice room environment, open with the 16 channel (instead of the 2 channels at home) or has it saved the virtual channels as solid once? This is very important to know, before I save somthing; otherwise I have to re-cable every Rackspace…

Save your gig file with the physical interface working.
When you open at home with just 2 channels interface then younger asked to use virtual channels.
When you say, yes then younger save.
i do that all the time.

Hi Paul,

I do not understand what you mean; what or whom is “younger”?

Younger is a typo
you are

:grin: OK, now it makes sense…
If it will not work I invite you for re-cabeling
and a couple beers :beers: