Device aliases in panels

Yesterday I went to my rehearsal space and tried to use my prepared GP rig with the MIDI keyboards I have there. I noticed that the devices I use for controlling the panel controls were all physical device names instead of the aliases and I don’t see how it’s possible to use aliases there. Which led to me manually changing the device for each single control to the new MIDI controllers since none of the control elements worked with the new keyboards.

How can I prevent this from happening? Basically what I wanna do is building my gig as using a number of controllers but on every start I can tell GP which physical device is meant to be which controller. I thought the aliases in Rig Manager would do exactly this but I don’t see how this would work with panels.

I believe the best approach would be to make two different rigs in rig manager.

Your home rig would have midi control devices and aliases setup for the hardware at your home rig.

Then…duplicate this, rename it for your rehearsal space rig and re-learn the Device aliases to that hardware and the midi control aliases as applicable to that hardware’s controls, all in the rig manager.

Now just switch between the rigs when you change spaces/hardware.

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Correct, I do that for switching between LMK4+ and S88 Mk II

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Did you read this?

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I have but I think I hadn’t fully understood it up to now. I’ll give it another try next week, thanks!

Another question about this: The control aliases solve many of the issues related to this but it seems it’s only possible to define aliases by midi learn. How can I define aftertouch as a control alias?

Right now, this is the given way.

  • play a note on your controller (play a note and keep the note played)
  • activate the MIDI learning
  • press a bit deeper to generate aftertouch

It should work.

It works in most places where you can turn the midi learn off the moment aftertouch is recognized. This doesn’t seem to work in the Rig Manager unfortunately.

Why not, what happens?

It will always learn the corresponding note-off signal since that’s the last midi message detected.

I’m sorry, that was inaccurate. The Rig Manager will log in the first signal received, i. e. the note on message.

So the solution I proposed works for you?

Play a note, hold the key pressed, then activate “learn” press the key harder for Aftertouch, keep it pressed down, deactivate learning, then release the key.

No, unfortunately not. Since I can only assign note on signals to a control alias this way.

Makes sense. Gonna try it later today.

I’ve put the ability to learn aftertouch in rig manager on our list for a future update –


Thank you! Honestly to me the most useful feature would be to use device aliases everywhere in GP. This would make us able to replace devices with one action.

It is used in Midi In Block and in widgets.
Where should it be used also?

That’s the actual issue. I can’t use device aliases in widgets. I can only assign physical devices.