Demo crashes on start

Yes I agree, but being able to optionally sandbox some suspicious plugins could show that GP is not guilty in some crashes. But of course I dream from a very low latency sandbox, which will perhaps not be achievable. :innocent:

Sure — which of the other 1,000 or so items on our wish list should we drop to do this one?:innocent:


No kidding, I thought the same and that’s why yesterday I oppened OBS to capture a video of me sending the report. Before I open the OBS app Gig had crashed, but after I get ready to capture it didn’t crashed anytime. :sweat_smile:

I will try again tonight.

Bitwig offers this feature and It saved me a lot of trouble with the Arturia Spark before I given up using it.

Bitwig is DAW and are you able to play live with bitwig and sandbox and low latency?

I didn’t found a button to save the report, but here is a proof I’m sending it:

I’m not doing a Bitwig promotion here but in fact yes. Gig Performer is changing my audio interface buffer to 512 samples (around 10ms) and it crashes if I try to change it.

Here you can see I’m running an unreal test 7 resouce intense plugins for both disk and cpu (specially system 8, Repro-5 at Hi Quality and the Hammond) and my system is holding well.

I’m just doing because you asked.

But what I can’t do with the Gig Performer that I can’t with BitWig?

  • configure it to use pedals as a momentary switch to turn plugins on/off
  • remap keyboard keys to do dispatch Karma like events like, repeat notes
  • save a group of plugins as one preset and import in other performances, etc
  • use it in both windows and mac (I didn’t tested but I’m pretty run it runs smooth on mac)

That’s why I’m really wishing to make it work on my machine so I could buy it

This sounds like a driver issue. Can you please try installing different driver versions to test whether they crash Gig Performer.

I suggest that you try:

  • UMC Driver 4.59 (for Windows 7 to 10) - 2019-03-14
  • UMC Driver 5.0 (for Windows 10) - 2021-02-25
  • UMC Driver 5.12.0 (for Windows 10) - 2021-07-06

Try “Momentary to latching”

To save a plugin goup: Just select all your desired plugins and in the plugin popup menu

An via the plugin menu you can reload your saved favorite

emap keyboard keys to do dispatch Karma like events like, repeat notes

There are many plugins out there you can use, or use scripting - a bunch of possibilities

@danimiclos we received your last report containing your email address, but it didn’t even contain the “module” (application or a plugin) which crashed. When does this happen? As soon as you start GP or you are running GP and then it crashes?

Gig Performer will not change your interface settings on its own. The only thing that it will do is possibly notify you on startup that the last used interface is not available.

It seems to me that there are some issues with your interface/driver/configuration… Try different drivers as @npudar suggested.

I’m sorry.
Correcting my sentence:
But what I can do with the Gig Performer that I can’t with BitWig?

Sometimes it’s hard to be slightly dyslexic and write in another language

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Many things:

Multiple Instances
Patch Persist
Custom Layouts
The list is long

BitWig is not designed for Live Usage it is a DAW.
Sure you can play Instruments, but how to define dynamic Key Ranges etc.

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It’s possible define key ranges, layers, change presets, map things to keys, launch clips … it’s made to play live on the same style Ableton is, but it’s made for producers who play live than keyboardists.

I mean, I love BitWig and use I it for some things, like when I performe electronic music live. But I also used to play on rock cover bands and that’s what I’m wanting to use Gig Performer for.

Yep…that’s what most of us do :grinning:

I take it you’ve seen this article about ASIO. Gig Performer | Gig Performer crashes when you try to change the sample rate

Fire clips samples etc, sure like Ableton Live.
But not really for keyboard players.

Just to give some feedback.
I tried the last 3 drivers for may audio interface (UMC404HD), but the last one seems the most reliable.

About the buffer change, maybe it wasn’t Gig Performer but something that was running together with it, like the Youtube tutorial in a Chrome Tab. I saw in the past that Chrome don’t like audio interface changes when it’s running media content, even if it’s paused.

So I will get that trial days remaning to find out if Gig Performer is still crashing randomly on my system.


I take it you were able to change the sample buffer size after stopping Chrome?

If I change the buffer on Gig Performer and hit apply changes it will crashes, but that’s not the worst thing since it keep the changes when I open it again.

What happens when you disable your integrated sound card and connect your audio interface?

Please see this option, too: “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”
Link: Inexplicable audio dropouts/popping sounds only in Gig Performer 4 - #12 by npudar

If you still are unable to change the buffer size, can you try with the ASIO4ALL, the latest beta (beta 2)

Please make sure that your system sounds are not going through your interface, but rather through your internal computer sound card.