Define Sync master input and route midi real time messages

I would like to be able to define the midi clock sync master input please. This way I can easily select which keyboard or groove box is in charge from Song to Song.

Secondly I need to be able to route Midi Realtime controls including Clock, Start/Stop continue and rest. ( GP seems to be filtering them out in my midi routing. )

If this is already possible then please let me know.
I am using the DEMO version 2.6.3 at the moment on OS 10.15.7

What do you mean by that?

By the way the actual version is 3.8.0

Hi Pianopaul,
I’m glad to see GP is responding so quickly :slight_smile:
I would like to route Midi realtime commands from any midi input ( including Clock, start/stop/continue ) to any or all outputs. At the moment these messages aren’t being passed through. I would like to make these choices on a per song basis.

My DEMO version as downloaded recently is GigPerformer 2.6.3 which is why I’m asking the question as I don’t have version 3.8.0 to see if these issues have changed.

kind regards

With outputs you mean MIDI Out Plugins?

Why not? GP3 is available to download for demo purposes.

I don’t know. That is what the link gave me. Maybe you could advise me better and send me the appropriate link. Thank you :slight_smile:

What link did you use?

From our website (, you just go to Downloads.

I downloaded it again and now it’s the 3.8 version. Thank you. ( My version was from a week ago )
I see a few nice updates but unfortunately I still can’t achieve what I need regarding my initial post. I’ll check back in next year to see what updates have been made and hope that my requests are part of them. Good luck with the journey.
kind regards

@vberlin You should check out this app for midi clock and realtime controls. I think it would do well as an intermediary between your equipment and GP.