Define startup gig configuration

I think there are only 2 options now;
Start up initialized
Start up loading the last used GIG

Have you considered letting us define which GIG is loaded as a default when starting GP or when choosing the File / New option? This allows us to define our starting point.

As indicated before, you can hold down shift while loading GP to avoid this.
Shift when starting GP would avoid loading the alternate defined start up GIG
Shift when File/New would load the current raw initialized GIG that we’re familiar with

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Not sure I understand this. GP will by default just open the last gigfile that it opened. If you want to start with a different gigfile then just double-click in the desired gigfile and GP will open with that one.

I was more or less talking about how to create an alternate “Initialized” GIG file that is used when using File / New, or when GP is set to NOT load the last used GIG file.

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