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What I like about rackspace in Gig Performer is that it has patch persist. Which allows you to kinda like crossfades when switching from patch to another patch.

However, I discovered that it’s not the same with Variations to Variations. Sometimes I like the rackspace to be the name of a song and inside that rackspace are different variation that relates to song parts like intro, verse, chorus. So here’s what I noticed. I have activated pads in chorus part. And this pads has a long delay and long trails. And in verse part no pads should be heard or if there is any, it should be not so loud. So here’s the problem, when I switch from chorus (variation) to verse (variation), the pads died out quickly. It so abrupt. Very noticable. It doesn’t continue the delays and the trails. And I am playing at the church and this kind of transition is not good. So what I am using now to achieve what I want is to change patch through rackspace to another rackspace. Not from variation to another variation. It is still ok, but I really want to use variation to variation. Because it will just give same widgets, and effects in the same interface.

So my question is, am I missing something? Is this possible to achieve in this current version?

As I have said, I’m ok with rackspace to rackspace. But if anyone knows how then that would be great.

Thanks you!
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Hi, correct me when I am wrong:
You are controlling the sound levels via gain controls after your plugins, right?
Better you make sure that note on events are only sent to the plugin when needed.
This way when you play a note with delay, the delay will not die when you switch the variation.

I am creating similiar to patch resist with variations this way:

For example 2 plugins: piano and synth
Each is connected to a separate Midi In plugin.
In the Midi In pluging you can filter a note on Event.
This Filter can be controlled by a widget, this way you can
for example filter note on in the 1st variation for the piano and in the 2nd variation you can filter note on for the synth.

Here is an example gig:
VarPatchPersist.gig (29.7 KB)

It is also discussed here:

Plugin switching and remaining notes

Wow … Thank you for this. It’s not just one click as patch persist but it still doable. Thank you for the tempate you sent me. Now I’m all set. I’m still in trial mode and definitely buy this. DEFINITELY! I like this program (GP) a lot.

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