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More of a creative question looking for tips …, have live players here using nanokontrol2 or other controllings while switching song parts ( verse , shouts etc), have more luck widgeting everything ( cutoff , volume , effects), dialing into perfection their sounds ?, I find I’m fishing for volumes. , cutoff frequency etc if it’s not dialed in perfect ( limiting widget range), …and have experienced mainstage users found that the vst state of controllers is retained in each patch without reloading the midi template ?, omnisphere instanced midi templates must be loaded, as they’re not tied to multi and there is no guarantee they will work while switching rackspaces, …,


I don’t really understand what you’re asking — but when I see “omnisphere instanced midi template” the red flags go up. It still sounds like you’re trying to use Gig Performer in a manner that goes against how it is designed to work.

Using MIDI to control plugins directly is generally a terrible idea. Most plugins (maybe all of them, I don’t know) do not save MIDI associations with their state which is why Gig Performer (nor anything else) can’t remember such things. It’s up to you to remember to save MIDI templates and reload them — really not what you want to have to be doing.

You should only be using host automation to control plugins.


I am at a complete loss here Jeff. We have some helpful users in our forums, we want to help, but it is very hard if we do not understand what the questions are.

What is the “limiting widget range”?

What volumes - what does this mean?

There’s no guarantee what will not work when switching rackspaces? As far as GP is concerned - everything should work perfectly. If there is a problem - please explain it a little better.

Thank you.


Dhj nailed it, he understands the question about midi associations


Not quite. I understand the association issue but
I don’t understand why you’re doing it that way when we’ve mentioned many times that that’s not the way to do it.

dhj nailed it...

Nor do I understand the other “questions” such as fishing for volumes or limited cutoff frequency


In the widgets edit there is a range associated to it ( scaling)) , so if a cutoffs range is 0-127, and u specify 50-80, your cut off will be ready to go playing live when u switch to a part of the song that requires a certain timbre, cutoff value ( i hope) vs having too much range , ( I would map a slider widget to cutoff frequency for example ), now spectrasonics have said “ You can do this! If you create your MIDI learns, and then got to the Utility menu, select Save as Default Multi , your learns will be activated whenever you open Omnisphere.“, but I’m not sure one can rely on that, …,see when u play live I want the ability to effect cutoff with a controller


I don’t understand. Enable host automation for cutoff frequency. Assign a widget to it, set the widget scaling as desired, associate a physical controller with the widget and you’re done.

What is the problem with doing that?


Nothing , scaling is what I meant by a fixed range of cutoff , also Spectrasonics support did say “
That’s correct – Multis don’t save midi learns, but the Default Multi recalls all settings whenever you instantiate another Omnisphere.”

So tho it’s not Gp way , many instances of multis in Gp can have their midi learns mapped the same if you trust it


I use Guitar Wing to change patches verse chorus and sometimes while I am singing. I do not use a “midi template” but I do control widgets within each rackspace and they are generally consistent between rackspaces.

The major issue I had was getting the appropriate level for the patch and using the gig performer widget feature to recall a level setting on activate has been crucial in maintaining my levels.

You can’t just set all levels the same - it has to be in the context of the song. So, I record the band live multitrack then I mix the first song for a good mix and make notes as to which patches are too loud or soft on all the rest of the songs. I go in and make my adjustment to the “recall on activate” for the level widget.

I also use GPscript to allow me to alternate between patches with a single button press. This way when we co from verse to chorus and I have to change patches plus sing- I don’t have to think if it’s the up patch or down patch button. It’s just the “alternate” button.


Awesome tips for live application, thanks, no ‘ fishing’ for correct volumes …Widget and don’t fidget!”, lol