Creating / Transferring / Exporting / Importing

Hi all,

So my Modus Operandi in my conversion from Forte is to have GP on my workstation and my gigging laptop and work in the following manner:

I create everything in rackspaces first on the workstation. Save them all. Then from the rackspaces, I create songs. Save them all.

Then, I move the Song files over to the gigging laptop…import them, create the setlist. Save it as a GIG file.

So the question is: there will be a fair amount of tweaking being done at rehearsal with the current setlist/GIG file. After each tweak, I export the selected song to a folder, and then save the GIG file. If, after all that tweaking and saving, should I export a song from said GIG file, will it be exactly as I have tweaked it last when importing back to the workstation computer?

Asking for a friend :wink:


I’d suggest you try this and see if all the tweaking that you plan to do does transfer. It should be fairly easy to check. Beware of tweak in the application/rig manager settings themselves as those will have to be transferred over (exported/imported) as well if you change them