Creating samples from your plugins


Anyone come across SampleRobot before? There have been a few programs out there that can be used to sample hardware audio and/or plugin audio automatically. This one is quite expensive but I wonder how well it works.



Yes, I’ve been using SampleRobot for 6 years now because it’s really easy and fast to create a sample bank from any given source (software synth, external device or - in the semi automatic mode - the old upright piano in the living room :). There are many ways to cut the whole bunch of samples or set in/out/loop points for the export. The settings for velocity layers, release samples and sample intervals are pretty nice.

The only thing I didn’t like is the very oldschool user interface which is not really resizable and feels very stiff. But last week SampleRobot 6 has been released with a completely new GUI. I just had no time to check out the new update. But what I see on the new website looks very promising.

I know Christian (who’s the creator of Sample Robot) for 15 years now and he showed me years before how he converted all of his hardware synths into sf2 or KONTAKT patches to have them available during film works on the laptop. Pretty impressive and almost automatically.

What it can’t do until now is directly hosting VSTis and sample them offline. So this has to be done with a virtual audio cabel (which is a mess at least on Windows - I guess on MacOS there are some easier ways) which of course only works in real time. This is one of my biggest FRs for SR.



I have been using BLISS,
this can host VSTi’s and sample offline.
This works very well.

Then you can export as soundfont format and import in Kontakt.
You can also use BLISS as normal sampler, but all the samples are stored as part of the plugin state.
So your gig file will grow…

I asked the developer and he said that streaming will come with an update.