Create a new profile for GP4 Optimzied/gig use

Newbie. I have a license for GP4 on my macbook 2019, i7 16 GB. To create a new profile (user) that has my settings optimzed for GP4 use, Do I have to have a separate license for myself, or is it simply a reinstalled for any user? Yes, I want the app available on my main admin account and the new admin account dedicated to just gigging that is optimzed? thanks

Hi David and welcome to our community :beers:

With one license you have three activations. If you want to use two user accounts on your computer with Gig Performer, that will use two activations (if I remember correctly).

You can any time deactivate your activation on one of your profiles to release that activation and make it available to another computer.

Isn’t GP activation only linked to the machine, independently of the accounts (which cannot be used at the same time)?
In my computer I use 2 installations of GP (in 2 Windows OS distributed in 2 partitions) and only one activation is counted.