Cpu usage ,


Is it possible that a variation instance of Omnisphere is open , and another GUI of Omnisphere is left open , it can be considered as active , and diminish cpu?,


What do you mean by variation instance?


Just any rackspace /variation with 0’spher, two O’ guis were open ( two different multis), , and wasn’t sure if that diminishes cpu efficiency

I have 4 rackspaces / songs in predictive mode filled with 4 patches each per mult and about 55 % cpu…, now I muted a guitar but not the midi on another channel, and it may be consuming resources


You could bypass not needed instances in variations.


I thought cpu isn’t effected with predictive mode , all are off until engaged?


Ok, got it.

Why do you leave gui of omnisphere open when switching rackspaces?


Did you notice higher cpu usage?


I will get back to you, cpu May have been from my soundcards guitar , but in changing variations or rackspaces , extra gui’s shouldn’t be open ,but if your saying I should widget the bypass just in case, that’s a scenario


Seems fine now , but u got me intrigued about bypassing with the widget