CPU average

Mac mini
3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core
i764 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

Ive got about 24 rackapacaes, each with about 2-4 instances of Omnisphere, tritone extreme, Hammond Bx-3, etc in each

my average CPU (on GP) is between 21 and 30%

Is that normal / good?

That is really good.
What sample rate and buffer size are you using?


Whats ideal setting in your opinion?

You can really play live with that sample buffer size?
You for sure have at least 10 ms latency.

I am using 48kHz because for AES and soundcraft I need that,
And the buffer size is 192 samples.
With my RME UFX II I get 4.2 ms latency and that is nearly perfect,

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I only set it that way to prevent potential crash…whats the best happy medium in your opinion?

I would reduce to 256, 512 is too much for percussive sounds like piano sounds.

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Yes 256 is a good starting setting

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I have 20% with 4 instances of ik b3 - + Leslie in 1 rack space - that is with omni in feeding all 5 vsts on channel 1 with 30 keys all pressed at once .
20 processes running in windows
2.8 ghz cpu
8gig ram
Custum windows install

20% Shown in GP or in task Manager?

In gp 20

22% in task manager

And 20% in Gig Performer with 4 parallel Active and Played Instances of IK Hammond?
Can you Upload such a rackspace?

Yeah will sort out laters as at work

Hey D, I use it with an Apollo Twin and a 128 buffer setting (Latency 2.7 ms), using Hammond B-3X, Piano V3 and Kontakt. Has been stable so far. Much lower latency than the Mac built in audio