Copying a plugin from one rackspace to another

Is there an easy way to do this? Or should I just save it as a preset and reload it in the other one?

Why don’t you just duplicate the rackspace? That will duplicate all the plugins complete with their current state.

We generally don’t bother much with presets - GP doesn’t remember the preset, it remembers the entire state of each plugin.

By the way, one big enhancement later in the year will be the notion of named “instruments” where we will be able to save a subset of plugins and connections between them with a name and then “insert” instruments. I’m personally very excited by that one.

You can also use presets, of course, and if the plugin does not support preset system you can always use our built in preset system and save the plugin state to a file which you can reload later.

When duplicating rackspace, does it load another instance of VST?

Absolutely - that’s generally what you want. If you just need to use the same plugin with different parameters, check out rackspace variations. On the other hand, if you’re concerned about resources, then check out Predictive Loading.

I also wanted to propose the same copy and paste of plugins between rackspaces.
Specifically, if I already have a plugin inside a rackspace, be it an instruments or effect, when I copy and paste it into the new rackspace, all the settings in the original rackspace must be kept.

Sometimes it happens that you need that specific sound and with this feature you avoid doing many steps to get the same result.


When you save your sound within the preset system of the plugin, the it should be easy to recall that sound in a different rackspace.

True what you say, let’s say that things get complicated if you use a backup PC, in this case you may not have any presets saved in the main PC. By taking advantage of the feature of saving the state of the plugin, this should solve the problem.

But even when you could save the state of the plugin separately you have to put that on your backup PC.

If I understand correctly, the state of the plugins is saved in the * .gig file and therefore in this case I just need to copy only the gig project file to have the same sound

OK, do you know this feature?

You can save a “preset” of a plugin in an GP internal format and load it again.

A plugin’s complete state is always stored within the rackspace - you can store it separately by using the GP-internal “Save/Load Preset” functionality (see posting above from @pianopaul).
All rackspaces, and also their containing plugin’s states are stored within the Gig file as well.
So we could say: A Gig-file contains a Rackspace contains a plugin’s state… :slight_smile:

Maybe this image will help to see how things relate to each other…

You can also export and import whole rackspaces!