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I am creating several fronts of synthesizers which resemble they real brothers/sisters. Some synths have several layout across the front. Now i am looking for a way so that i don’t have to draw a part twice but just copy that part. Is there a possibility to do so?

What do you want to do?
Copy widgets across rackspaces?


You can copy selected widgets, you can also copy the entire panel and paste into the same or a different rackspace.

You can also save your finished panel as a template file, then when you select “New panel” you can select to create it from your template.

Succeeded. Thanks for the help.

This seems to be fun, you should post snapshots of the results :wink:


I’ll do my best. Currently i am working on MonoFury (Korg MonoPoly vst). Minimoog is done, need to adjust is after all the info i’ve got today.

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Better yet - post the screenshots + .gppanel files so others can reuse them :slight_smile:

When want to change widget, i click on it and then i choose the plugin i want to use. Is there a way i can select all the widgets all together?

If you want to assign multiple parameters of the same plugin to many widgets - please see this article:

Also mentioned in our Tips and Tricks section within the forums.

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