Copy Widgets from one Rackspace to a different Rackspace

Hello All…

As title says, is it possible to copy a set of widgets from one backspace to a different one…???


Yes you can. The only thing that doesn’t get copied is the plugin parameter mapping. It will copy everything else (e.g. learned midi mappings).

  • In Edit mode, you can draw a selection rectangle around a group of widgets, or Shift+Click them, and then use the keyboard shortcut for copy (Cmd/Ctrl+c).
  • Then come out of Edit mode, move to the new rackspace, enter Edit mode again.
  • Click on the destination panel and use the keyboard shortcut for paste (Cmd/Ctrl+v).
  • You can also save an entire panel as a template if you want to do this for an entire panel and/or if you want to copy them between separate gig files.