Copy/Paste and other feature requests


Perhaps there’s a way to do this and I’ve missed it (if so please forgive), but there doesn’t seems to be any convenient way of repeating configurations across patches. A simple copy/paste feature would really speed up the workflow of creating things like a repeatable vocal chain.
The ability to save macros would also be great for signal chains you use often.

Another feature that would be great is an “undo” command. Helpful when you realize you disconnected the wrong cable.

Which brings me to: cable management. I’ve got some big patches which are approaching the gates of cable hell. If there was some kind of ‘channel strip’ or ‘node rack’ object that would help a lot. The ability to highlight nodes you want to move together instead of having to move them individually would really help too. And option dragging to duplicate.

Also, the new cable snapping, while often very useful, can also be frustrating when there are too many available ports around and you just want to disconnect a cable, but instead it keeps trying to snap to something. Not sure what the solution to this is. Smaller attraction radius? Radius setting in preferences? Minor, but it does slow down the workflow.

Anyway, I know this is a bunch of stuff, but for me personally, these things would really improve the user experience. Maybe others feel the same?

Thank you for listening, and always being so engaged with your users.

Much appreciation,


Yeah, every one of the items you mention is on our list. The connection view needs some overhauling to be able to do these things but so far we have been prioritizing stability and stuff that helps during actual performance. We’ll get there!

The problem with trying to connect/disconnect between two blocks with a lot of ports close together is also a known bug.

Appreciate the feedback though – we’re all in this for the long haul!


Awesome, thanks letting me know. I look forward (patiently) to these features, and I’m glad to be along for the ride.

Keep killing it!


Hey there,
Any word on impending copy/paste functionality? I’m preparing for some gigs with a very complex set up and the workflow right now is a touch painful. I have vocal chains (and other chains) incorporating several blocks each that I need to replicate a bunch of times, and it wouldn’t be so bad if I had made a template BEFORE I made the patches, but back then I didn’t exactly know what I needed. So now I live in a world of seemingly endless tedium, having to recreate these same blocks for every patch in the set.

Apologies for the histrionics, but I’m humbly asking: please, save me from this hell!

P.S. I realize Copy/Paste is big functionality and my whining won’t make it happen any faster, but I just wanted to share a friendly reminder of how crucial this functionality is to me, and (I would think?) others. Many many thanks again for developing this software. It is great stuff!
…also, a “Duplicate with connections” option would save scads of time.


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