Coping and paste widgets with "focus" intact

I would like when I copy and paste a widget (or group of widgets) while editing, that when the new “copy” is displayed, I can move it with my arrow keys immediately, since it’s already highlighted.
I work on a Windows 10 laptop with a touch pad mouse. What happens now is I select the widget(s) to copy with my mouse and the use “ctrl c” and “ctrl v”.
Once they are pasted I have to move back to the mouse pad to click on them, and then move back to the keyboard to move them with the arrows keys (arrow keys keep things in line, and this mouse pad is just not a joy to work with). Since the new copies already seem to be highlighted (focused) when pasted, I don’t know why I have to click on them to move them.

This will be fixed in 3.6, coming very soon

Its out 3.6 !!

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