Converting from MIDI to USB


Today I use two keyboards sending MIDI channels 1 and 2 into a Kenton MIDI Merge into a Roland UM-One mkII MIDI-to-USB for old reasons that don’t apply anymore. My laptop sees this as all MIDI coming from the UM-One.

I want to cross over to USB only, straight from keyboards to laptop.

Since I have gigs coming up and little spare time, I need to keep the MIDI to USB setup until I’ve reproduced all my Brainspawn Forte scenes in GP.

Is it then possible to change GP from seeing incoming MIDI from one unit, the UM-One, to seeing it coming from two units, my keyboards?

Long question short, I want to split MIDI send from one unit to two.
Hope anyone understands the question… :slight_smile:


Sure, instead of OMNI, just define insert MidiIn blocks that correspond to the USB device you need


That would be if he used multiple USB devices. But in this case it’s one USB device that gets MIDI from the Kenton MIDI Merger.

Yes, you can easily do this in GP. You just create two MIDI In Blocks for the same USB Device (UM-One) and name them “Keyboard 1” and “Keyboard 2” (of course you don’t really need to name them). Then you double-click the first MIDI In Block and set it to only receive from MIDI CH 1. Then you do the same for MIDI In Block 2 (Keyboard 2) and set it to only receive from MIDI CH 2. You might want to set the destination channel to CH 1 because many instruments expect to receive notes on channel 1 (typical source of error). You can select only one channel by holding Shift and click on the source channel checkbox:

That way you get two MIDI In Blocks that represent your two MIDI keyboards :slight_smile:

That’s maybe not the most obvious way to do that and I appreciate any enhancement in GP that makes tasks like this easier, but in this end it works fine!


Sorry, by straight from keyboards to laptop I assumed he meant a USB connection for each one. Thanks for correcting me and of course your solution will work fine.