Controlling Kontakt Vol in GP

Hi. I use Kontakt a lot, and so far the only way ive found to control the master volume of the plug in with a fader on my controller keyboard is to use the little box bottom right which then opens the plug in and i can map my hardware fader to it.
However i have set up a fader widget in my panel, which i can always use and map to with other vst plug ins such as arturia, because ‘volume’ is one of the options in the drop down menu when assigning midi control to a widget. Not the case in Kontakt. Is there a way to do it? So that my hardware fader controls my widget fader and then the master vol in Kontakt?

I would not control the Volume in Kontakt directly.
Better you include a Gain Plugin and connect Kontakt out to the gain pluging and route the out of that gain plugin to your audio out.
Then map a widget to the gain plugin.
Imagine you have a multi with 3 instruments which should sound stacked.
Then you would have to map 3 widgets to control the overall volume, too complicated.


You could use HOST automation in Kontakt to control volume directly, not recommended.


Yes, insert a gain or mixer plug in in the rackspace to control volume. (You can also then connect that to a widget in a widget panel so you can control volume by a physical controller).

Lots of videos on youtube are very helpful. (Sorry if I am saying things that are obvious to you).

So what you are saying is put a gain widget in the wiring page after the kontakt widget. Then in the panel page assign that to a fader, and then map that fader to the physical fader on my hardware keyboard.
The only question i have is that if i set the master vol in kontakt at say 80%, will it stay there and be the same each time the song and rack is loaded?

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All plugin parameters are saved as state in the gig file.
So yes the volume is stored