Controller type "Text" from Logic Environment

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Many plugins have parameters like “Filter Type” or “Delay Model” etc that are switching a few values that could be best expressed as “text” over the span of 127 controller values.

There is a controller type “Text” in Logic that lets you enter a text string per each of the 127 controller values. It would be much easier to see from the rack space interface, what you are switching in the plugin, if this could be modified.

Ideally you could enter any number of text strings and assign each to one controller value, but only display the ones that are used unlike in logic.

Hmmm. What are you actually trying to do?

for example in my delay there are certain types like “Tape”, “Digital”, “Analog”, … they are switched with certain value ranges in a controller. Rather than using a slider I’d have a text flip menu with only three (or any number of) defined text values to choose from to replicate the plugin control element.

Is this text coming from a plugin parameter?

No, in Logic you could say that Value 1…20 is represented by the text “Tape” then 21…40 represented by “Digital” … etc
You can set it as you please.

You could also for example make a flip menu with “dry”, “wet” and “WET!” for a FX Mix slider, just as an example

This is typically implemented in a plugin and the plugin provides a text value back.
In that case - when you assign a widget to that plugin parameter you can type in [value] as part of your widget label and the correct value will be displayed at all times.

What you want is slightly different I think as you want to define your own labels for certain points of a slider. You should be able to do this with GPScript and set the label to anything you want as the value changes.

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Ok, I’ll look into script. It’s on my to do list.

I tried the [value] approach, unfortunately it seems that plugin manufacturers do not send the text value consistently. I didn’t succeed on a few plugins I tried (amp type or overdrive type on Mercuriall Spark, note length on D16 repeater). I did get the 1…100 percent value on the mix parameter of an IK Multimedia plugin though.

So in Logic you created your own translation list for such values?

In GP Script you could do that.
When the Knob is moved (internal values range from 0…1), the label is changed.

   KNOB : Widget

on WidgetValueChanged(newValue:double) from KNOB
 if newValue < 0.3 then
    SetWidgetLabel(KNOB, "Analog")
    SetWidgetLabel(KNOB, "Digital")

Another option shown in this gig.
A knob is mapped to the output volume and shows the db in the label.
Scripting shows some text in another widget
Label.gig (5.3 KB)


Wow this is amazing, that is gonna give me a great head start! THANK YOU!

Welcome to the magic of GPScript :mage: :star_struck:

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