Controller 'agnostic' song part switching


Dawned on me tonight that in the options for set list mode, you can sign a midi signal to switch song part, but this is tied to a controller; unlike variation switching (for example) that reacts to the signed signal from any controller.

I use a foot controller to switch parts but also wasn’t Ableton to be able to do it.

Is there a way to set this up? Or is it a scripting job?


Under Options, go to Setlist/Song Settings. There you can assign midi signals to do many tasks.


Yes, but my point was that these midi signals are for a specific controller rather than just a generic midi signal that can be received from anywhere.


You can use Program Change numbers from any controller to switch songs, but you can also assign a global Up/Down commands which can be tied to a control in the RigManager where you can switch the MIDI control or create pre defined configurations.


Yeah, just saw (and can’t believe I had forgotten about it…) That prog change can be assigned per part as well as per song. So prog change along with bank should do the trick (e.elg. Song 1, part 1 is is Bank 1, PrCh 1, part 2 is Bank 1, PrCh2, Song 2 is Bank 2 PrCh 1, etc).

Think that will work (don’t have GP to hand to test currently…)


OK, so using Bank/PC works well but have noticed that Bank is set as zero-based even if Program Changes are set to not be zero-based. Not an enormous issue, but it means the Bank I set in Ableton has to be GP+1 which will probably get confusing at some point…

Any chance of the Bank respecting the PC change zero-based option as well?