Consistent synth levels for live shows?


Usually the FOH guy never says anything about my levels (from song-to-song). But last show he mentioned that he had to ride the levels a bit.

I plan to throw in Loud Max to keep signal from peaking.

So, how are you managing to keep levels consistent (while maintaining decent velocity sensitivity)? Should I use a sound level meter to keep each song within a certain range? Measure RMS vs Peak?

Any tips appreciated :slight_smile:


If you never have to adjust your levels before, then it sounds like FOH didn’t properly EQ the room so some of your sounds are perhaps resonating — is it the same guy you always use?

edit: Also, how do you monitor your own sounds relative to the rest of the band?


No, each venue has their own guy and I think it had been at least 5 months since he mixed us/was at that venue.

Or it could be that most FOH guys just don’t mention anything to me :wink:

Re: monitoring my own sounds – I do my best to balance my sounds with the rackspace (most songs have multiple splits, etc.), and just make sure that when playing I’m not peaking too much on the digital meters. The rest I guess relies on the FOH guy.


My question was how do you monitor your own sound relative to the other musicians in your band?

How familiar is FOH with your material? There are so many variables here that it’s really hard to know what’s going on.


I have earbuds directly from the audio interface, and usually just have vox and some guitar in my floor monitor.

I would say the majority of sound techs know our material as we are an all 80s band – and usually play a constant rotation of the same casinos/resorts/clubs, etc…


So you’re not listening to a mix of the entire band? That, in my opinion, is the biggest problem. You should be listening to a full mix where your own playing fits properly into the mix. Once you have that right, then FOH shouldn’t have any issues.


I have this issue. Tried sound level meter and it doesn’t work because you have to hear it in context. I record 18 tracks of my band (with gigperformer)play it back, make a mix and then listen to see when I’m out of bounds, then make adjustments in my gigperformer rackspaces and variations.

The perspective w in ear and “more me” is great for performing but not so great for hearing the mix like the audience might.


The thing is, if you adjust your own levels so that you fit in the mix you’re hearing, then FOH will be less of a problem. That’s why you shouldn’t have “more you” in your own mix.
That was advice given to me a few years ago by some remarkable musicians with who I tour and it really paid off.


Thanks for the tips!