Configuring audio with Ableton live

I installed the GP 4 and Installed the trial version of Ableton Live

I am not sure to understand -
which has to be started first GP or AL ?
how to configure Asio ?
OSC has to be activated ?

Sorry for this novice question … I am a basic GP user.

Thank you

I am using the Same cimbination.
Importanz, use a multiclient Audio driver.
What is your Audio Interface?
Which Version of Live?
What do you want to achieve with OSC?

Hi Paul.
I am using a Yamaha MG10XU, Asio on client, but I have a presonus Asio too…
My idea was to put AL on the presonus, output the audio on the Analog Entry on my Yamaha
and synchronise GP and AL through midi …
GP 4 latest
AL 11 trial
Not sure to understand what OSC is … :slight_smile:
Thank you for your answer