Computer low on memory warning

I’ve been experiencing some odd behavior with my MacBook Pro today. With GP the only app open and with three plugins open, I’ve been getting this warning popup that’s saying"Your computer is low on memory. To free up some memory, please close a few applications". This warning is accompanied by the spinning color wheel of death and a crash of GP. I’ve got 39 GB available on a 250 GB SSD. I’m running Mojave and have 8 GB of memory. Any suggestions or comments for me?

You don’t say whether this has always been happening or it suddenly started happening. I have to assume the latter since you probably would have mentioned it before now.

Given that assumption, (i.e, everything used to be fine), then something about your environment has changed. Did you install any updates, upgrade the OS, any new applications, any drivers, any anti-malware?

There is no magic — something changed.

I recently purchased Omnisphere2. I’m guessing that that may be a reason why now…

8Gb is not a lot of RAM when you’re using plugins like Omnisphere. You might need to use predictive loading to reduce your RAM requirements.