Just stumbled over this nice tool:

Short introduction Command Post Midi Keyboard macOS Keyboard Shortcuts - YouTube

I just remember some discussions in the past about how to invoke key commands by MIDI, start system action, shut down a headless Mac etc.

Could be useful :thinking:


CommandPost is a free and open-source macOS application (macOS only).


Potentially useful… Windows equivilent?

If there’s nothing of the sort, I think I could create something like that, given there would be enough people who would use it…

I’m not so sure. Maybe if I could take a hardware booted system and have a midi-triggered macro that would login and launch GP, that would be useful. I’m hard pressed to think of another thing I’d need in a live performance situation to have control over my PC with. For home development use… sure… a midi surface control to switch between applications like a DAW or browser would be better than grabbing a mouse.

I’m personally not looking to run truely headless as I find the extention GP Select really useful for displaying charts.

Bome Midi Translator Pro for Windows can do the same “midi event to keyboard/mouse macro” things. I’ve used it in the past for things like having foot pedals turn pages in a PDF viewer.


I use a touch screen with gp, so there’s enough freedom for me :smile:

Not really free, but it can do probably much more than just these things and maybe/probably (didn’t try it out) a useful tool in the toolbox anyway?