Collapsed bottom panel: clipping indicator

I like the option to collapse the bottom mixer panel (as I have a simple 2 channel interface and it was wasted screen real estate). However it appears as though the small input and output indicators are only ever green. It would be better if they could change to red if the signal is maxed/clipping. My workaround is to add the output meters as widgets, but it would be nice if the bottom panel showed the signal was clipping. Thanks.

The intent of having those small indicators when you collapse the area was just so that you could know that GP is still producing audio in case your sound suddenly stops and you need to know if it is you, your audio interface, or a problem somewhere else., perhaps with the monitoring or PA

I’ll add your suggestion to our tracking system as we have been doing with other suggestions made here

Thanks for considering. It was more of an assumption on my part that it would flash red when clipping, partly as that’s what the single indicators on my focusrite 2i2 does.