Clicks n pops using Gig Performer 3

I got a concert coming up and Im stuck…
I got clicks n pops using most of my rackspace…
I mainly use Arturia 7 as softsynths…

The CPU only ranging from 10 - 30%
I use the USB Scarlett 2i2 sec gen soundcard.
44100 Samplerate
256 buffersize (Ive tried 512 but didnt help)

Using Arturia synths as standalone synths works fine…

Really need to sort this out as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Cheers and regards

Need some history. Did it used to work properly? Assuming it did, what has changed since that time?

Using the synths stand-alone you’d be using one at a time. Do your rackspaces have one synth plugin in them or do you have multiple? 30% of CPU usage does not leave a lot of “CPU headroom” so when a plugin cpu usage momentarily jumps - you may hear a pop.

If things worked fine before with the same hardware - you must have added more complexity to your rackspaces and may need to find a way to simplify things a bit.

Thank you for fast response :slight_smile:
Ex1: B3 v2 with a GTR Amp rackspace is pretty steady at 24% CPU
Ex2: Mellotron V, CZ V and CS-80 V3 (Arturia) Rackspace peaks at 18%
Ex3: 2 instances of Massive, 2 instances of Matrix12 v2 and a Prophet v3 peaks at 20%

So I guess there should be headroom enough and the complexity varies alot…

I did upgrade both Gig performer and the Arturia bundle recently…
I guess that is the only change…

I could point out that there is pretty often is great load time when doing big jumps between rackspaces
(up to couple of minutes)


I uploaded a clip
Its from my mobilephone but you can clearly hear the pops…
I see that in this example the CPU reaches couple of 40% but that should be okay?

As you can see you are running 3 instances of these plugins - that is why running just one in any mode will not be a problem.

Unfortunately this is not something that can be addressed if you need to use all the plugins at the same time. The CPU meter is showing an average, but plugins could use more and depending on your audio interface and driver you could have issues that you hear.


Have you gone through specific steps to optimize your PC for audio usage? Have you run a DPC latency checker to see what its current suitability is for use as a DAW?


Was this same gigfile running properly before you upgraded ?

What are the specs on your laptop? What CPU, speed, and memory?

And as xpansion asked, have you gone through Windows audio optimizations like giving background apps priority, turning off CPU throttling, disabling background apps you don’t need, etc?

Your setup seems to struggle with little amount of plugins instances. I played live with only Arturia V-Collection and I think I max about 25% of CPU meter when using rackspaces with more soft synths at once (5 at max I think) with no pops.

Well, I’m still waiting to hear if this was an issue before he updated. I routinely have between 10 and 30 plugins in my rackspaces (specially for Pink Floyd stuff) without any issues.