Click when changing synths/variations


I have Synth 1 (for variation 1) and Synth 2 (for variation 2). The way I currently have it programmed i… a single MIDI KB is going into 2 different MIDI constrainers which then respectively feed into the 2 different synths. During Variation 1 the constrainer that feeds into Synth 2 is blocked, and when I switch variations, the constrainer going to Synth 1 gets blocked and the constrainer going into Synth 2 unblocks.

The problem is, If I’m mid chord during variation 1 and then switch to variation 2, the first synth gets cut off and I hear a click sound. I’d like Synth 1 to naturally have it’s release even if I move on and start playing variation 2 and therefor Synth 2.

What is the best practice for this?


Maybe consider David San’s plugin persist scriplet?

This one ? :innocent: :nerd_face:

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Can you upload the problematic rackspace?