Cleaning up plugins that failed to load initially

I recently purchased a Steinberg interface that came with a few FX plugins. I didn’t realize these plugins needed to be activated and eLicensed first. I went into Gig Performer (without activating first) and had it do a scan. It failed loading the plugins with an error similar to “Deactivated after failing to initialize…”. Now though, I’ve activated and eLicensed the plugins. After scanning again they show up now as green. But the original failed scans are still appearing in red. See the attached screenshot. How do I remove these in red that failed to initialize the first time without effecting the good ones?


In that screen, select the Manage button, and select the plugin in question, and then Remove selected plug-in from list.



Thanks for the reply. I removed them this way, but when I scan again they come back in the list as before with the error. ?

I understand. I have the same Steinberg plugins listed in my red list. I ignore them, honestly, as there’s nothing more to do. The red list just tells you what won’t be showing up as plugin options in GP, so you don’t have to do anything. Outside of changing the locations of the files to a directory that GP isn’t scanning (which would make the plugins not work in the native application), I don’t know what else you’d have to do to get rid of them on the list.

hmm, after looking at this closer I right clicked on one of the failed plugins and opened the containing folder.

It appears the ones that initially failed to initialize are located here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\vst3\Steinberg\DSP

And the ones now that are successful (after activating) are located here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\vst3\Steinberg\Basic FX Suite

Wonder what the differences is between the DSP ones and the Basic FX Suite?

Here are the directories compared.

The DSP ones on the left are the ones showing in error.

They might be for specific hardware supported devices

Yes, the DSP versions would be for the Steinberg DSPMixFX software that accompanies the Steinberg hardware devices for zero-latency monitoring.