Chris Hein Sax - Adjust vibrato

I’m using one of the Chris Heine sax’s in Kontact, and I have CC#1 mapped to after touch on my keyboard. However, it is quite subtle and not much happens when I press harder. I’ve looked at the CH interface but some of the controls don’t respond. Is there a special way to adjust the vibrato to taste? Cheers, and thanks for the help.

No way to control it using a host automation parameter? Perhaps you need to activate/expose parameters to control things in this plugin?

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Map a widget to the vibrato parameter and then learn this widget midi wise to Aftertouch - this would be IMHO the “normal GP-way” to do that.

  • you could scale the bahaviour of the widget in value, polarity and response curve
  • you could use any number of other widgets mapped to other relevant parameters (expression, filter,…) and put those into the same widget group with the first one
  • widget scaling can be applied to every widget separately

That way you could have a single press of the aftertouch increase the vibrato from 0% to 40%, increase the volume from 75% to 90% and at the same time decrease the cutoff from 30% to 10% (just as an example). And you wouldn’t have to give a f…unny face :nerd_face: on using any CC# settings!

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I’ve never found Kontact to be that user friendly, although other users say that it is great. Might be easier in the long run to add a vibrato plugin and control that with a widget.