Choose random rackspace

Any way I can ‘spin the wheel’ and choose a random rackspace? Looking to add some serendipity to live sets :slight_smile:

With a little scripting you can get what you’re looking for.
Can start here with the RandomRange function: List of functions — GP Script 3.6.0 documentation

Here’s a very basic script that you would include in every rackspace, with a switch/button widget. The range in this example is set for 20 rackspaces. Once you activate the button/switch, it selects a random number between 0 and 19, and switches to the rackspace associated with the PC number.

   button1 : Widget
   a : integer
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from button1
    a = RandomRange(0, 19)
        If newValue == 1 then SwitchToRack(a,a)
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Ooh amazing, thanks edm11! I’ll see if I can figure this out :smiley:

I wonder if there’s a way to get a “number of rackspaces available” variable so it would just work with any amount of rackspaces?

Unfortunately not in this version though I think there is a GetSongCount() so if you were to create a setlist with each song referring to a single (different) rackspace, then that might work.

The next update for Gig performer will have a RackspaceCount function


I call up my rackspaces via an iPad. My large gig file has nearly 500 rack spaces in it. It’s quite easy to flick the iPad song list and let it come to rest on a random rack space which it will then load via wireless. That’s fairly random especially if the iPad song list is non-alphabetical.

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Thanks both! Ideas cooking…
@bigalminal how does the iPad control work?

I just set the IPad and my pc to the same wireless network. If I’m on a gig I take a wireless router with me. The iPad app I use is called OnSong and it can send out a full range of midi commands. You also need to install a free app on the pc called rtpMIDI and this allows the IPad and the pc to talk to each other. If you then want to control outboard hardware using an iPad/Pc setup, you will also need Bome Midi Translator unfortunately not free though.

Just for information, Mac users won’t need the rtpMIDI as midi networking is already built-in.


ah cool thanks for this. So … can you actually read what the patches are on the iPad?

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OnSong formatting is pretty normal i.e. Title, Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge etc. The names of my iPad patches are the names of the song in the title e.g “I just called to say I love you”, “City of New Orlean” etc. Within each heading, you can add the midi info e.g. Program change, volume, pan, mute etc; any midi CC you can think of. I think OnSong has a trial. If you want to give it a go and download the trial, I’m happy to send you some songs for you to import with midi commands to show how it works.

ah cool, thanks for that!