Check the global wiring

I made a silly mistake last week that it resulted in bad audio.

I started to created a set of plugin chain for the band vocals in the global view, without any widgets showing in the global rackspace and several days later I had forgotten all about it. A couple days before the gig, I opened the GP gig file and not seeing anything in the panels I created the plugin chain… again… This time in the local rackspace.

At the gig the vocals sounded different to my ears and the main vocals was on the edje of feedback.

Show over and days later I was doing a virtual soundcheck. There I spotted the possible cause I was experiencing at the last gig… Not realising that I was putting the audio through the plugins TWICE, once going through the global, and also through the local rackspace.

Had I added a note or widget on the the empty global panels, the issues would likely not have happened. :laughing:



Do your think is a good idea to have the global panel showing a different colour than the default if there is data in the global wiring view while the panel is empty?