Changing Rack Spaces with a midi controller

Hello. I’d like to know how to use a midi controller to jump between rack spaces. Example, If I wish to switch from rack space 1 directly to rack space 4.
Do I have to set that up manually or is the controller automatically mapped by Gig Performer?
Will the firdt button on the controller automatically correspond with Rack Space 1?

Just send program change messages.
Or use setlist mode and each song part uses a rackspace variation.
Now you can define controller numbers to select song parts.
All is documented is the….documentation :wink:

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Thank you…
Can I add unlimited song parts?
Suppose I want to use 16 different rack spaces.
Do I assign them to 16 different song parts?

Unlimited song parts.
Each song part references a rackspace variation

Thank you.

I would encourage you to review the user guide – these basic operations are well described in detail there. It’s available directly from the Help menu or you can use this directly link

I would encourage you to read this blog! :slight_smile:

Thank you