Changing Global Rackspace widgets on Song Change

I gig with two keyboards. My bottom board gets all the variations/rackspaces and changes I can muster. It’s shuffling through strings/brass/piano/rhodes/synths sounds and a myriad of splits and layers etc. It’s my more specific board.

My top board only uses a few sounds and have it controlled by my global Rackspace. It’s mainly using Organ, Rhodes and Piano. Because I change the top board infrequently I’m okay with couple clicks on the widgets (to select the instrument) before the next song is underway but it’s not ideal.

For the songs where I need to change the top board during a song or song part change what is the best way to go about this? I have about 70 songs in my list.

One solution I thought of but not sure how possible it would be is on the song change determine which song it is then change the widget values in the global to select the instrument I need via a script. I’ve also considered copying widgets in all my local rackspaces and connecting them to the global Rackspace. I’m worried about this approach as some songs share the same variation on my bottom board but might be different on my top board.

Thoughts or advice on this? I see some topics on this in the forum but was wondering what the best approach to this is. I’ve also thought about switching my top board and integrating it in all my local rackspaces but that would mean x4 as many variations so that doesn’t seem right either.

GP 4.7 allows you to send a midi message when changing song parts to the ‘Local GP Port’. These are internal midi messages that can be mapped to a widget on the global rackspace panel.

Double click on the first song part in the song and you will see the midi button / Midi Helper Tool.

The widgets have an ‘Edit’ button on the MIDI tab, which allows you to manually specify the message that will be coming from the Song Part/Local GP Port.

Thank you. I’ll give that a shot. It seems I have to configure every song and was searching for an easy way

I’m not sure what could be an easier way? Even if you went the Script route, you would still need the script to identify the song (presumably by name, unless your songs never change order), and then have a specific action for these songs to trigger widgets to bypass the plugins etc.

No, I can’t disagree more. I only have a few songs that have different configurations. I’m a software developer by day. I hope I could have something along the lines of

If (one of the songs in group A)
Use configuration A
else if( one of the songs in Group B)
Use configuration B

Use default configuration

Most would use the default configuration. I would think it wouldn’t be difficult but it’s not clear

Curious I’m bumping this thread. Has newer versions of gig performer address my concerns since I posted this?

How might I do this via scripting so I don’t have to program every song in my list?

I think this is easier in GP5 (because sending MIDI from a local rackspace to the Global Rackspace is now simple and “built in” (instead of setting up OSC).

I would set up a MIDI IN block to your top keyboard in each Local Rackpace where you use your top keyboard and connect it to the plugin you want to you in your Global Rackspace. (Then you could either run that audio back into the local rackspace or out to audio from the Global Rackspace.).

If you are changing instruments in the Global Rackspace during a song, you may need to connect several midi in blocks. Then you would need to set up widgets to bypass/filter the signal for parts when you do not want to trigger that plug in.

I change song parts to change variations.

Sorry if this is not too clear.

GP5 allows the Global Rackspace script to use the song changed callback (not possible in GP4), which will allow the pseudo code you posted above to work.

Do you have widgets already set up in the global rackspace panel that make the changes you require? If so, can you list them and describe the sort of changes e.g. toggle on/off, change to a specific value etc.

Yep, in my global rackspace I have my widgets set. It’s actually fairly easy for me to use my computer mouse to just select the sound I need for the top board. It’s what I’m doing now so it’s not too big of a deal.I don’t have a gig for a week so I might try upgrading from my current version (4.7) and try out 5.

I never change the top board during a song. It’s only on a per song basis. I’m somewhat confused why I would route audio. I may have asked my question poorly. My top keyboard is just selecting vsts via enable/disabled widgets in the global rackspace.

Do you mean route audio back to the local rackspace?

I mostly do that because it was what I did when I was first figuring out how to use the Global Rackspace,

But, I think it is also useful when I want to use some effects. I would rather keep the effects in the local rackspace. So, it only uses CPU when that local rackspace is used (without bypassing etc.) and then I can apply different effects in different local rackspaces.

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