Changing Default CC Momentary to Latch

I’ve noticed that when i map a cc value in a vst (lets say a button) it behaves differently in GP then it does in say Reaper.

When i map a CC value to a mute button in a vst looper that uses latch message, CC#3-127 (midi controller button down) CC#3-0, i turn that channel mute button on. I press it again and i turning the mute button off.

Problem is that I CAN map the CC to latch in the Syths standalone version but the VST version in GP behaves in a Momentary Default state.

I can almost make it work here but the value or the button name doesn’t show up in the Mapping list

is there a preference i don’t know about?
Is there a script to default the CC value to a Latch state? is this even possible?

Not sure I understood everything here.

The GP widget button has to work the way you want when it is controlled by a MIDI controller and it has to control properly the plugin parameter too. To adjust things properly make sure you split the two behavior (MIDI and plugin).

Plugin side:

  • put a button on a panel
  • go into the edit mode
  • choose the plugin you want to map to the button
  • click the learn parameter button
  • in the window of your plugin act on the parameter you want to control
  • deselect the parameter button
  • control if you GP widget button controls the plugin paramter properly
    => if it doesn’t, in the tab value invert the value
    => the GP widget button is latching by default, which means if the plugin don’t impose a momentary action to the parameter assigned to the button, it will stay to ON until you manually set it to OFF

MIDI controller side

  • now in the MIDI properties tab, learn the MIDI controller button you ant to use to control the plugin
  • deselect the learn function
  • if your MIDI controller button is latching there is nothing to do, the GP widget will be latching
  • if your MIDI controller button is momentary, but you want your GP widget button to keep latching, then you will have to set the “momentary to latching” option
    => If the state of your MIDI controller is inversed with regard to the GP widget button, then you can invert it in the MIDI properties tab. (don’t mix things with the parameter inverse)

If you still have an issue, at which step does it occur ?

Right about here
the plugin doesn’t register a midi out i guess

It seems that you want to use host automation to control Kontakt and not MIDI, right? So, is it fine for you up to these first steps?

(host automation is better, but if you absolutely need to send a MIDI message map your widget to the MIDI in block plugin connected to the plugin you want to control, i.e. Kontakt here, and choose the appropriate CC in the list


ok dope this helps thanks a lot David!

Fine, so perhaps you could give us a feedback which could help other users. Does it work for you now and how did you finally solve your issue?

Did you enable HOST automation in Kontakt?
When you do this the parameter name should appear on the Parameter List

Using the midi in plugin i can re-assign the midi information to do what i would like it to do

Hummm… the dark side of the Force. OK, but try to use host automation if it is implemented in your plugins :wink:


As @David-san noted, using MIDI to do this should really be avoided in favor of using host automation.

OK im getting confused to host automation.
this is the plug in that would like to control

The Parameter List isn’t labelled and the “learn parameter” doesn’t do anything

according to section 9 in the manual, and this is where i get stuck

Gig Performer’s handy Learn mode ,which enables it to instantly recognize and learn the appropriate parameter. To use Learn mode, simply click on the “Learn” button in the right-hand Plugin section(as indicated by the arrow) so that it turns red.

nothing happens, my assumption is that the plugin isn’t sending any info for GP to “hear” or “read”

What plug-in ? Still about Kontakt? What librarie?

I took a look at the user guide of endless studio.
Seems host automation is not implemented, only midi mappings.

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Im using Endlesss (kinda still in development)

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Tell them to add host automation to it!