Changing audio interface input

This is not a GP issue but a hardware issue: I use GP on a Windows PC, connecting my guitar to the input 2 (Hi-Z) of my audio interface.

I decided to leave my audio interface in our rehearsal space, so I wanted to use a basic audio interface at home as a replacement but it does not work: it has only 1 input and all my rackspaces are connected on the second channel of the Audio interface input module.

Is there a way to virtually route the physical input 1 to the second channel of the Audio interface input module ?
Otherwise I would have to change one by one the connection from 2 to 1 in all my rackspaces … or continue carrying my 2x2 interface with me.

Should work out of the box.
When you open a gig that used a stereo input, but actual you only have 2 input:

But the signal is not coming to all outputs

As the message says - GP would route the missing OUTPUTS to the first two stereo output channels.
It will not route inputs anywhere. That does not make much sense.

Imagine using an interface with 4 inputs where you have microphones etc… and now you route all of those inputs to the first input channels which goes to process things with completely different plugins.

If you use a virtual audio app like ASIO Link Pro, you are able to change the routing of the physical signal to any respective ASIO channel.
I can easily change this…

…to this

Anything plugged into channel 1 is subsequently routed to ASIO input 2 before it ever reaches GP.

Other than that, I can’t think of a native way to re-route physical inputs.

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I tested this before but it can not solve the issue because it routes virtual outputs to physical and what I need is to route physical to virtual.

Asio Link Pro seems to be the only remaining option.
It is free now, good news, the developer died, bad news.
I found a lot of useful details, including links to download and pdf manual, here: Cakewalk / Asio Link Pro with an impressive illustration showed at the bottom of the page 3.

Last but not least, maybe that is going to address the issue I had brought about my Steinberg UR22 having no multi-client driver: Asio Link Pro seems to have an inbuilt multi-client support.
And it can send ASIO audio over the network, for those that need it.

I will look into that as soon as possible.

Yes, it does. I currently run 4 instances of GP and an instance of another app, all using ASIO Link Pro. In addition to the network capabilities, it also has loopback for up to 64 channels of audio.

I know the developer is dead with no active support for the product anymore, but it’s not the first piece of abandonware that I still use with no issue. Some are made better than others, and this is one of them.

Impossible to install Asiolink !
The patcher works but, since Asio Link is not yet installed, this is useless.
When launching Asio Link installer, nothing happens but only a window displaying: “this program might not have installed correctly”. I tried all recommended settings but in vain.

I will try to find other places where I can download it.

Question: does the Asio Link installer installs only the .dll or other components (library, etc) ?

I installed AsioLinkPro from this link:

Installer works great on Windows v2004 (May feature update).

Same link here, so it does not come from the file… Strange.
My Windows version is 20H2.

I got an answer to my last question: opening the installer file, I found unfortunately that it is not a single .dll extractor, there are other components.

@npudar @edm11
Finally, the installer works!

I had initially started up the installer from the file downloaded on my desktop PC and copied to my GP laptop (no web connection nor web app installed on the laptop). It did not work.

Then I downloaded the file directly from my laptop with a portable app (used punctually for updates or online licensing) and the installer started fine… I do not want to know why :slightly_smiling_face:

Before going any further, can you tell me if "install 16 stereo WDM devices " must be enabled ?

I unchecked that option.

Meanwhile, I have read the manual: if not checked 4 surround 7.1 channel devices will be
I do not understand what it means, what is WDM, what is ASIOVADPRO SPEAKERS IN and other things like that, and above all is it necessary in order to use GP or not and how if yes.

In example, following the installation steps on the manual, I do not know if “Setup the ASIOVADPRO Devices” and “Speaker Configuration” are necessary to use GP with only my audio interface?

I am not familiar with Windows audio devices, moreover english is not my first language and Asio Link Pro seems to be very complex, finally my brain is no longer as efficient as it used to be.

For now, installing as said in the manual, there is no sound nor green light that should occur when playing…

I am starting to think that it would be much simpler to keep the same audio interface, but the option for multi-client pushes me to continue trying to work with this driver.

I am going to take it slow, or to consider buying an audio interface with multi-client driver.

For the purposes of GP, you won’t need to worry about WDM. You’ll be using ASIO.
WDM deals with the sound you get from other sources in Windows, like when you open a web page and there’s music on it.

Feel free to send me a private message if you want assistance setting up your interface.

Ok, I can use it in GP with a new gig, asio link in default configuration, connecting input 1 on the Audio interface input module.
I have not yet tried to swap inputs 1 and 2 in asio link pro because I want to deal with immediate problems first, but I am quite sure it will work.

For the moment, on a minimal configuration (1 single basic amp plugin), with 256 samples buffer size and cpu at 2%, the sound disappears for around 5 seconds every 30 or 40 seconds ( with my usual 2x2 interface, no problems at 96-128 samples with around 30 plugins and cpu 20-40 %).

Another point: not a real issue, but selecting in asio link pro tool 2 channels in/out, It still displays 64 in/out in GP.

But it is starting to work :slightly_smiling_face:

If the sound is disappearing every 30-40 seconds, that could be due to not using the correct patcher. It’s still in trial mode.

For 64 bit installation, it should be this patcher.

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I had to copy the 64bit patcher into the installation directory of the Programm, else it didn’t find the file to patch!

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Thank you !!!
I was so happy that it worked that I forgot to apply the patch (which I had checked at the very beginning of my installation attempts).
I will do this tomorrow, when my brain cools down.

Ok, everything works, thank you everybody for your help :slightly_smiling_face:
@schamass your patcher link did not work, so I used the one I had tried before (Give Academy web page) and it automatically found the right location .

With the same settings as my 2x2 interface with its own driver, I have the same cpu consumption.

But I have new problems (that I do not have without asio link pro): sometimes, loading a gig or working in one loaded, GP closes without warning and no window opens about the crash.
I am going to look into this problem and carry out tests to isolate possible causes.

Lesser ongoing problem: Audio interface input and output modules still displays 64 channels and the option “Maximum number of channels to display in blocks” in the preferences does not apply to these.
But it is not crucial.

This preference is not for AUDIO In / Out
So you have to setup in the Audio Settings

There is an ASIO Link config tool, you can set there number of inputs :slight_smile:
Or leave it 64, but deselect unnecessary inputs in Gig Performer’s audio setup.

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