Change Song via received midi command

Hi there, i have been using GP to drive my attached midi devices successfully. But I now need to change songs by sending a midi message from an attached controller. I cant figure how i can assign a song a specific program reference (in GP) so i can select it from my external midi controller. Thanks.

You have to edit the Song Part Properties.
here you can assign a program change number for the selected Song Part.
So when you just want to switch songs, then it is enough to give a program change number for the 1st Song Part.

Hey thanks for such a quick response. I had tried that, so i guess the issue must be a setting on my controller. Thanks at least i know where to look further now.

You can check the PC you send to GP using its MIDI monitor.

Also double check in the Global Midi settings in the Options window that you are allowing PC from that controller (settings at the bottom).

Thanks for your help all sorted. Was set up on my controller. But knowing i was correctly setting up GP was a great help!