Change audioplayer track using OSC?


Hi I have an Audio File Player in every rack so I can use backing tracks or effect audio files to be played…
Playing and pausing one track works fine but in some cases I would like to change tracks using OSC as well…
And although I see lots of parameters for the player, having to do with Lane playing, volume etc… I don’t see a parameter to ‘switch lanes’ (sounds like traffic huh?)
Is there any way to do that straight form OSC?
It seems a bit of a stretch to really have to program in the way of making variables per lane, check if it’s playing, stop it if necessary and play another lane… that instead of just going to next or previous track…
Or am I missing something here??
cheers Hans


Parameters 9 through 16 turn tracks on or off.

So two ways to do this

  1. Add eight buttons to your rackspaces, associate each one with parameters 9 through 16. Give each button an OSC handle and then you can send the usual OSC messages to switch the desired track on or off
  2. Use the /pluginhandle/SetParam to explicitly set parameters 9 through 16 on or off. For example, if your audio player has the OSC handle “player” then you could send the message

/player/SetParam 9 1.0

to turn on track 1


Thanks David - I had figured out the first ‘hard’ option with the 8 buttons - i have those in my template for now…
Will try the other option using a menu or something like that to make it a bit nicer…

One other thing - I have an EQ plugin with 30 bands - a slider for each of them in GP that I would like to ‘drive’ from a Lemur multi-slider… I know I have seen something about that using the multislider array, but in the plethora of info that I dragged together I can’t find it exactly anymore… Would I need to make a Lemur script that takes the index from the multislider and send that out to the numbered slider in GP?


Think I found it… now dive into Lemur’s scripting option to see what’s possible… would have been nice if there was a ‘select case’ in there…


Don’t know offhand - never used that object - you’ll really have to reach out to the Lemur people for Lemur scripting help.


will do thanks… 'cause now I’m wondering if there would be a way to have one ‘in the midde’ object that I can use to send the multislider’s index data or that I would still have to use 30 sliders to address from the multislider… then I could probably put those into a hidden container so it woud not clutter my screen…
anyway - I’ll ask them! Thanks!!!


Oh one more thing if I may - I tried downloading the Lemur PC editor from a couple of PCs on different locations but that doesn’t seem to work, I think the link is bad… I have contacted them but no reply as of yet…
Would you happen to have a PC editor for Lemur that you could send over?


That indeed works… so I’ve got a ‘dirty’ solution working - need to find out if I can concatenate names and variables to create object names and such to have a more decent solution… :slight_smile: