CC value changes

Allright you scripters. Need some help.

I need a scriptlet which transforms three CC values:

  • My incoming CC 70 value (knob hardware controller) is switching between value 40 (off) en 88 (on). I need to transform these values in switching between 0 and 127.
  • The same with CC 71
  • CC 72 is switching between 48 (off) and 64 (on). I also need to change this in 0 (off) and 127 (on).

I hope you can come up with some brilliant scriplet which does this. I have ZERO scripting experience.

Is the controller designed to send those (odd) values?

I’m afraid it is: It’s the NI B4D hammond controller. I can’t change anything on the hardware device.

If you want to map this to a GP widget, you should be able to use the widget value scaling to get it to work properly.



eeehhh… yep, it’s that easy