Cc messages Automation for Audio player

I would like to see a cc messages Automation feature connected to the Audio Player so that for instance my kbd patches change and my guitarists line pod patches change and vocal effects change in parts like chorus , Verses and so on when playing live using hardware based gear. This could be achieved via a midi strip below the MP3 or Wav file alllowing midi info to be accessed via cc and painted or marker points been placed on the midi strip.
Rather than having to manually change parts in the current set up you have.
The important part is Automation so these changes come to affect at marked points of the wav or mp3 file via the midi strip or the Automation cc strip.

I think this would go a long way in making gig performer unbeatable.

Cheers Paul.

Hi Paul,

with scripting this is an easy job.

On BeatChanged(Bar : Integer, Beat : Integer, Subbeat : Integer)
var v_pointer : String;

 v_counter = v_counter+1;
 v_beat := v_beat+1;
 if v_beat == 5
  then v_bar = v_bar+1;
       v_beat = 1;
 v_pointer = IntToString(v_bar)+"."+IntToString(v_beat)
 If v_counter == 1 then
 If v_pointer == "4.2" then
 if v_pointer == "39.4" then

I have no clue on scripting lol

OK, I try to explain.
In Gig Performer when you press the global play button a so called callback is called.
In this example the OnBeatChanged.
This is called for every beat.
Now in the procedure you can count the beats and build a bar and at a specific bar you can automatically switch to the desired variation.
When the 1st beat is sent, the 1st variation is switched.
When the song reaches 4.2 (bar.beat) the 2nd variation is selected and
again at 39.4 the 2rd variation is selected.

This way automation can easily be implemented.


If you put elseif clauses in there, you’ll avoid unnecessary extra tests once you’ve found a match

@dhj I am stuck, what would be better with elsif?

In your version, you test v_pointer for 4.2 and even if it matches, you still test it afterwards to see if it is 39.4. So instead:

 If v_pointer == "4.2" then
 elsif v_pointer == "39.4" then

Yes, now I see, thx


I can help you with scripting if you want.

That would be awesome, All I want to do is create automated patch changes for a voicelive 2 & 3, Line Pod Guitar effects x 2, Yamaha Modx, Korg Kross and various vsts using media player in GP for backing tracks, but I want to be able to have automated change points within the backing tracks.

Audio Player does not have this feature.
All I can do is give you an example code where you see how this can be done.