Can't find a plugin called SLM 100

Has anyone come across a plugin with the manufacturer name “ServerLan” or plugin name “SLM 100”?

This info showed up as an unknown plugin and I can’t find it though Google Search. I want to update our plugin database

maybe this?

I don’t think so – the name “serverlan” suggests that this plugin has something to do with networking, perhaps distributing audio or midi over a LAN

where did you get this info?
from a gig file ?

I also tried without success :confused:

Perhaps someone is using a custom plugin, not available on the market or developing a new one (in alpha phaze).

I used Bing instead, but without any luck in finding this kind of plugin.

nothing using DuckDuckGo

Ecosia, the Search engine in the company I work for, finds:

Really? There’s a VST plugin for your printer?

No, but at work I can’t use Google, our company only permits Ecosia. So I searched “SLM 100” with this engine, the link was the first search result.