Can you switch plugins ON/OFF in a rackspace in realtime via MIDI?

I like to use momentary latch pedals (where the pedal is engaged only when you step on it and keep your foot down and then disengaged as soon as you lift up).

If I were to use a MIDI controller that supports momentary mode (like the Morningstar ML8), which can send different MIDI CC messages on down and up…is it possible to map that to enabling/disabling an existing plugin in a rack space?

If yes, is it possible to specify if a plugin should still ring out (e.g. a delay pedal) when you took it out of the chain?


Hi @jfurmankiewicz, welcome to te community :wink:

Yes this can be done.

If you are talking from a delayed plugin bypass after you act on a pedal, yes it is possible, but only with a little scripting.

Did you download a trial version of GP for experimenting?

No, not yet, I don’t have a Morningstar unit, would need to invest in one to make this work.

Was just looking at options to replace my guitar pedalboard / tube amp setup and go all in for plugins (since VST/AU plugins are so good these days).

But I definitely will be downloading it today!

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If you run the delay pedal in parallel to the dry signal, you could put a gain block in front and just mute the block to bypass. Your delayed tone would still ring out and you’d have the tone with no delay going through the other path. No scripting required.

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You are right, it is only necessary if you want to bypass the plugin. If you only stop the effect by muting the incoming signal, it is not necessary.

sounds great, thanks everyone, looking forward to trying this over the weekend