Can you switch between rackspaces in setlist mode?

Just wondering if it’s possible to switch rackspaces with midi while in setlist mode. Once in setlist mode, the rackspaces seem to be tied to the song or variations of the song (i can change them by clicking though). I want to use song mode to set the global tempos for each song in the set, which changes the global tempo for each rackspace when I switch to it (for delay effects mainly). I’ve already set this up to work, but now I realize the rackspaces are unable to switch with midi while in setlist mode?

Let me know if there’s a way to change this :smiley:

Nope…the whole point of set list mode is that you select parts, not rackspaces.

When you add songparts to a song, each is assigned a rackspace/variation. This allows you to pick the rackspace you’ll use for the verse, chorus, etc and then - as dhj says - you switch songparts which then selects the rackspace.

The idea is that you build up a library of ‘sounds’ in rackspaces and then these can very easily be re-used across multiple songs. Your MIDI controller will be set up to switch song parts and so across an entire set you are able to access all the different rackspaces you need but your midi controller just has to send out the same set of messages for each song (song part 1, part 2 ,etc).

You don’t have to set up songparts as actual song parts either - for example I use them to provide a range of tones for each song; clean, rhythm, drive, lead, ambient, etc. Each song might have a different rackspace assigned for each of these (song 1 might have a Marshall tone for ‘drive’, song 2 might use a Mesa tone for ‘drive’ etc) but doing it this way means I can set my MIDI controller to always send out, say, note C#2 when I want to go to the drive song part and I don’t have to remember or reprogram my midi controller for each song for the rackspace I want to choose.

I think I probably over-explained that…but hopefully it makes sense!

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While it is not possible to directly switch rackspaces in the setlist mode - it IS possible to do what you want using the ChordPro (Song Lyrics/Chords) even though you do not have to use the ChordPro files.

If you create your songs and open the Song Lyrics/Chords window while in the rackspace mode you will see your songs and setlist.

You can assign MIDI controls for next/previous songs and switch songs that way, but you can still use the PC messages to freely switch rackspaces in this mode.

This mode is specifically created to allow you to freely switch sounds while having your reference notes , lyrics and harmony displayed. Very useful for a jam session.

Switching the songs this way will also update the time information as well as global transpose if you set those in your song settings.