Can someone explain how to have UAD Console/Plugins used with GigPerformer?

I am contemplating wether or not to start buing into the Universal Audio platform. Main reason being some of their plugins that are not available for native, that are just awesome.

I’m thinking that one would have to run Console in parallel with each channel there hosting one of the FX I’d wanna use and then there is some virtual audio routing to get out of and back into GP?

Anyone using this and can explain how exactly this works and how to set it up? What is possible and what isn’t?

What about stability, latency, practibalility of running the two platforms in conjunction?

Many thanks!

Could work, but as you already menitioned you need virtual audio to route between GP and the UAD platform.
On Mac there is Blackhole (very low latency)

or Loopback,

on Windows there are similar solutions.

When you are using an RME Audio interface you can reroute an output to an input, this way you would not need a virtual audio, all is routed from the hardware.


Thanks Paul,
however with an RME interface, while it’s good to know you can route them internally which is great, the UAD plugins only work on their own interfaces, that’s the whole point. So it would be like using Blackhole to go to and from Logic, which does work but I’d need to check latency. At least latency on the UAD plugs is very low, so it would just be the Blackhole lag, but two ways (I only used Blackhole to record GigPerformer in Logic so far, which worked great).

Yeah, I have been doing this as well, works really well.

The UAD approach (and other similar approaches) can be very interesting but there is a “lock-in” part to proprietary solutions that makes me uncomfortable (as an end user, never mind as a developer)

The nice thing about VST is that it’s an open standard and so works on any platform that supports it. That’s worth a lot, IMO.

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Is Console required to use the UAD plugins? I’m using the UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop via ExpressCard adapter on my MacBook Pro; I load the AU version of the plugins straight into GigPerformer (no need for any middleware).

some of the better plugins don‘t come in AU, like the Trichorus or Korg SDD3000
as far as I know at least?

You should be able to use VST as well. I personally use the AU versions because, for whatever reason, the VST versions’ GUIs will not draw on my MBP (blank [white] box only).

Ok now I get it. you can use those plugins directly in Gigperformer, but Unison features wouldn’t be available, but only through console. Is that correct?

I believe that would be correct. It would be great if Universal Audio would make a plugin version of Unison; you might wish to send them a feature request.

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Unison is controlling input impedance and gain staging of the hardware preamp in the UA interface. I doubt that can be done within a plugin.