Can I make GP work with my current band setup?

Here is my bands current setup and what we want GP to do, will GP be able to help with this? I am not a technical expert so any recommendations, other equipment needed, routing recommendations etc.

Current band setup:
Keyboard running through Avid MBox (Midi In/Out and USB connection) using MainStage, routed to X18 mixer
2 Guitars, pedal chain direct to X18
Electronic drums with AD5 drum module (has USB for MIDI), currently routing Main L/R to X18 inputs
Bass with DI routed to X18
Macbook Pro (2.2GHz, 4GB Ram) for running MainStage

My main goal for GP would be to be able to get multi track drums out of it and be able to have individual mixes for 4 band members and a FOH mix. My plan would be to use AD5 drum module with Steven Slate Drums 5. Would also run a piano VST for the keys instead of MainStage. We can currently get individual mixes from X18 but the drum module only has a L/R stereo out so cannot get drum individual outs.

How would I even route all this? Any ideas if I can combine all these and run through GP or am I better off just getting a drum module with more individual outputs?

You can definitely do the individual mixes with X18 (there are 6 AUX outputs), host the entire keys setup with GP and do everything else except somehow turn your already mixed drums into individual tracks.

If you were running your drums as a VST inside GP then yes - you could do it, but if you are using an electronic drums “brain” that only has a stereo output - you are out of luck.

Having said that - depending on the reason why you want the individual drum tracks out - you might be able to hook the drums to your computer and record the MIDI coming out of it for later post processing if that is your goal.

Hope this helps.