Can a full band run through one laptop?

If I have a interface with 16 inputs

Can Gig Performer allow a whole band?

2 guitars
1 bass player
2 singers
several mics on drums

and then outputs for guitars and bass to FOH

Basically create a very compact in-ear monitor system?

Hi @rocka_rollas, welcome to the forum!

Yes, GigPerformer can absolutely do this - there are several types of ‘mixer’ plugins included so this can be done straight out of the box without any other VSTs.

I’ve used GogPerformer myself as a front of house mixing console before and it worked superbly. similarly using a 16 in interface, then mixed in Gig Performer - including using EQ and comp plugins - then out to FoH plus an IEM channel.

Because of the graphical nature of how the connections are connected in Gig Performer it is far easier to do it than it is in other DAWs where inserts and aux channels are used.

There’s also a possibility to run multiple instances of Gig Performer on a single computer with completely different setups.