Buying a new computer

I’m awaiting delivery of a new Surface Pro 6. I will have to rebuild it from the ground up but need to know the following:
1 What files can I save from the old computer to copy to the new one?
2 How can I prevent GP losing its plugin links (as has happened to me when I reinstalled a drive
image) on the new computer?
I have over 200 racks/songs and the less hastles I end up with the better.

I recently Switches to a new Mac Book pro and installed all Plugins and GigPerformer.
I did Not loose any Information in the rackspaces.
All was Running Fine.

Migration is much easier in the Mac world. For example, plugins must be installed in known locations so there’s never an issue with missing plugins. MIDI is built in so there are never issues with 3rd party drivers or different names, etc. The location for application preferences is well-defined and enforced. You can often just plug an audio interface in and it will work without special drivers.

I think we had this discussion when you did this some months ago. You will need to make sure your plugins are installed in exactly the same places as they were on your old machine and make sure you run the plugin scanner to validate everything again. I believe we made a change some time ago that will make it easier to find plugins that have moved on Windows as long as the plugin scanner gets run before you load any gig files

Obviously copy all your gig files

Thanks David. The previous instance concerned reinstalling a drive image. This time it’s a brand new computer that needs to be rebuilt. Good advice about scanning before loading a gig file. I don’t think I did that the previous time. It will be interesting to see how it all goes. I know there are some hidden files. Are they still relevant in terms of the changes mentioned?

Gig files store the path to plugins (for optimization reasons) but there was a change made some time back so that if the path didn’t work, GP would use the results of the plugin scanner to find a plugin. That also was important for cross platform gig file support so as long as you’ve done a full scan before loading his you should be fine. The only other thing you have to deal with are global midi settings and the rig manager settings. Those are stored in your app data folder but I don’t remember the actual path on Windows for that.

Also - don’t forget to deactivate GP on your old machine before you move over.

As I change my old PC, in order not to lose anything, besides deactivating GP and copying the plugins in the same locations, I suppose that I have to copy the following folders:

C:\Users…\Documents\Gig Performer
C:\Users…\DocumentsGig Performer Recordings

As well as the file “Gig Performer Rig Setup.rigsetup”.

Did I miss something?

If you have multiple instances, %APPDATA%\Gig Performer also.

Thank you, I do not have, but I add it to the checklist.

The list of all locations is here: File locations in Gig Performer

Ok, I missed this !
I do not have all these folders, I guess they are not created before saving something, but I have others: maybe the names have been changed.
Here is what I found in my disk, I think that I have all I need:

C:\Program Files\Gig Performer 4
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Gig Performer\Templates
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Gig Performer\Favorites
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Gig Performer\Panels
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Gig Performer\Presets
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Gig Performer Recordings
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Gig Performer\ScalingCurves
C:\Users\Username\Documents (exporting the Rig Manager)

Listed file locations are the default ones. You can save your panels, etc. on arbitrary locations.
Anyway, I keep everything on their default locations as I want to see (say) my presets and favorites available on right click.

I think these are templates that come in that initial wizard window when you create a new gig.
I woudn’t bother with this one.


Make sure to export all options, as well. Options → Export all options
(it also includes the Rig Manager associations)