[Bug Report] Pasted Widgets not reverse-syncing until rackspace reload

Yesterday, I’ve spent a bit of time debugging my rackspace because some widgets that were assigned to the same parameter would not sync. Turns out: pasted widgets (either from the clipboard or from panel templates) do not reverse sync until the first time after their insertion that the rackspace is loaded activated again.

I have attached a short video illustrating the problem:

Gig Performer 3.2.7 on Windows 10

Thank you!

You’re welcome! I’m happy to contribute a small bit to Gig Perforner become an even better software :smiley:

I could reproduce this issue (on WIN10) using LED-buttons, but when i tried the same procedure with knobs, there was no problem - the knobs synched directly.
I also tried LEDs and Switches which behaved like the LED-buttons… maybe it affects only widgets with switching functionality?
Oh, and i made a second copy (and a copy of the copy), it seems that the copies only switch the originary widgets, say: the widgets that come drectly from the tool panel.
The signal flow seems to be stuck/unidirectional for copied buttons.
I have five switches, where three come from the tool panel and two are copied…

  • switching one of the three “originals” will toggle only those three (the two copies stay unaffected)
  • switching a copy will toggle (of course) itself and the three “originals”, but the other copy stays unaffected.

Thanks guys!

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Addition: I changed the mapping oft the five switch widgets from “bypass” of a mixer block to the “volume” parameter and all works as it should, maybe “bypassing” contains the gremlin…

Thanks Eric - I think I already have an idea about this and it should only ever happen with the bypass parameter.