Blue3 v. B4II

Well, it’s a jungle out there, :astonished:
So I just bought them all. I even just purchased another one (DB-33 from for $14 (note: requires ilok license software, but I have that)
But I know I am someone who would make use of owning different VST hammonds, while certainly other people would not ever want that.

So since a few people in this thread had mentioned Arturia’s B3 V2 I went back to that to give it a second chance. V1 was so bad I don’t think I originally gave V2 much of a chance. And in fact this time with patch 1 I turned on the fast leslie and it was just crazy… far worse than VB3II…I’m sure I didn’t go any further the first time, but this time went into settings and was able to slow down the speed to something that worked ok for me.

But a few weird things… using Soul Sacrifice patch on fast Leslie… (and playing Soul Sacrifice hahaha) hold a high G and punch a Gm and C beneath it and those lower notes don’t seem to blend in the Leslie swirl…it’s like they are dry and there is this other Leslie thing gong on.

Same patch, the drive knob has very slight, subtle effect I guess for any real over driven Leslie sound you need to put a distortion pedal in the effects. OK but here’s the weird thing, whatever effect you get from the drive (which also just seems a little off to me), it does not change at all with the expression pedal… the effect stays exactly the same at all volumes. obviously unlike how a Leslie would actually respond.

My favorite organ is Acoustic Samples B5 v2. The Leslie is superb, as is the vibrato/chorus. Blue 3 is excellent, too. The various organ models load instantly, unlike B5 v2, which take a few seconds. I like the fact that Spin can be used independently. I downloaded the VB3II demo, but have not spent enough time with it to form an opinion. I haven’t tried IK Multimedia’s Leslie yet, but so far the B5 v2 Leslie sounds the most authentic to my ears. Any suggestions on other rotary speaker options?

MRotary from Melda

PSP’s L’otary 2 is very good, but a bit heavy on the CPU.

UVI Rotary

8Dio Hammond VST “Vintage Studio Organ” (has instant switch between “sample engine” and “modeling engine”) is 40% off right now so I just now bought that one, too. At some point I should do a comparison video of all these Hammond VSTs.

Vintage Studio Organ - demo video

Anyone try the new IK Hammond B-3X yet?

I haven’t, but the guy playing in their promo video is killin’ it! (wanted the voiceover guy to shut up)
This isn’t the best side-by side vid out there, but does give a decent idea of the difference in tone and texture between the B-3X and Blue3.

It sounds very good, but looks to be a bit of a resource hog.

same guy with out voice over…

Very cool, I saw a few of those after i posted.
Like I said, killin’ it!:boom:

I just bought it.
WIll test today and write down some comments.
In the past I noticed that Blue3 in context of a band is a beast and you always can hear and feel it.
When you hear Blue3 standalone some others like VB3 II and Acoustic Samples seem to sound better, but together with a band Blue3 was always the winner - but this is just my feeling.

Now I tested with 3.5.0:
Seems the VST version is buggy, for example duplicate rackspace sometimes Gig Performer hangs.
AU version seems to work.
I aleady contacted IK Multimedia, will see what they say.

What physical keyboard (not VST) is he playing in the promo video?

@pianopaul, what about the effect pedals and leslie cabinet, can you use it as stand alone vst or is it built in the B3-X vst ?

It is builtin, there is no audio input in the plugin.

I think this:

Ooops… sorry. Could be confusing since there were 2 video links.
I was referring to this:

Could be this

Wow… cool looking keyboard. Thanx for the links.